Being an avid outdoorsman, I have had much experience hiking, backpacking, skiing, winter camping and mountaineering. Throughout the years I have visited many national parks, national monuments and state parks. This has led to my love and respect for our National and State Park systems and the importance of their preservation. My background in these areas combined with my artistic talents have led to a natural career as a plein air painter with much time spent in the studio as well. My art is based on the harmony and variety of color, form, texture, value and perspective that I see and feel living in this amazing American landscape. Plein air painting has been an extension of my love of nature and my experiences outdoors. It is always an adventure and challenge to me! The more I paint outdoors the more intimate I become with our Earth and the more I can share this intimacy and value for our environment with others. It is the experience to make a study or the challenge to finish a painting outdoors and sharing that experience that keeps me going out for more.