Benedict Arnold's HQ

This is my 6th painting in Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 challenge. oil on panel 11"x 14". Today was 20 degrees and sunny. Due to failing light, I had to stop painting after a few hours. I will finish this in the studio or return to the site. I was on my way to Wiscasset to paint, after 2 failed attempts, when I came upon a compound of with several red buildings with snow on their roofs. Each one was aligned perpendicular to each other which created these awesome juxtaposed triangles of white snow and blue shadow on the roofs and the red was just stunning on the snow. After stopping I discovered that this group of buildings once belonged to Reuben Colburn, boatbuilder, and was the Headquarters of Colonel Benedict Arnold (he was a patriot at this time) during his ill-fated invasion of Quebec in 1775. He led a force of 1000 men through the wilderness of Maine up along the Kennebec river in river boats called bateaux and across the St Lawrence River.